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Tailgate Party!

Are you ready for some football?!?   Take "time-out" to read the how-to's and suggestions for this fun Tailgate Party that I hosted last week in my retirement community. In our community we host a pre-dinner party with appetizers, then the residents go into dinner and have a special meal based upon the theme of the theme of the evening, followed by a show in the auditorium after dinner, again based upon the theme. 
Tailgate food is a must. 5-layer taco dip, chips, mozzzerlla sticks, pigs in a blanket, deviled eggs, watermelon wedges, etc.Serve food from football theme trays, bowlsPut drinks in coolers and serve them from there. (no bowl of punch here)Decorate with pennants that are general in nature or NFL specificDecorate with hanging football theme decorationsDecorate with MegaphonesUse a real truck if it will fit into your space to serve off of Decorations with footballs, referees, football players, etcBuy themed paper goodsAsk residents to wear their fa…