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3 Styles of Scavenger Hunts

Boy is it hot outside! If you are like me you may still be looking for indoor activities that are fun for your residents to do. This activity that I will share with you can be done for different levels of care in your retirement community. I encourage you to share it with the other activity professionals that work in those other areas within your own community.

The activity is the Scavenge Hunt. This can be done in three different ways and I will describe them below:
1)The Stay Seated Scavenger Hunt vAsk audience to bring in items they think will be asked for. Encourage them to fill their purses, pockets, bags, etc. and bring it to the event vMake a list of items that they could bring with them vInclude items that would be funny, that might have a story to go with them, or that people would be surprised someone would actually have. (Green Stamps anyone?) vSee the list I used vCut the list into pieces and place them into a basket vAsk people to draw the item out of the basket. (This gets mo…