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Organizing Notes

As I was putting away my active files from 2011, I ran across notes that I had made on scrap paper that were important to save. These were ideas that I had made for theme nights, a new resident welcome party and other activities in my retirement community. As I filed away the obvious items, I was left with these odd pieces of papers and really did not have the time, or the desire, to type them, so that I could save them on my computer (as I mentioned in my first post). I put them aside for a few days and then realized that I had a scanner and could use it instead. (Think about that commercial for the neat desk organizer they are promoting these days.)

Once I scanned my scraps of paper, I was able to file them into the categories that I have created on my computer. I know that the next time I plan my program, I will go to that file on my computer first. I like to have things on the computer instead of in a file cabinet. I don't know about you, but when things are messy, I can not work well. In a fairy-tale world, I'd have everything scanned and on the computer - but that is not reality. I can, however, start adding more and more onto the computer as I move ahead. Think about how you work best. This may work for you too.... and then again, it might not be worth the effort. Only you will know.  Also, make sure that you have a back-up of all your documents. For me, my company backs everything up on a regular basis, as long as I am saving files to the proper drive.  It is a new year, make your life easier and get organized!!

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4 Pictures 1 Word Game for the Big Screen

Many of you who have played 4 Pictures 1 Word, know that this brain game is available as an app for your computer, tablet or phone for free. That is great, bu it does not allow a team to play and is not audience friendly if you wanted to present it at your retirement community (or other social gathering). 
After some time and effort, I made a 4 Pictures and 1 Word game  slide show that you can use in your community. I did use the app for suggestions and the Internet for the pictures. I am glad to share this with you so that you will not have to spend the hours that I did in creating this game. If you get the urge to make one also, please come back to this blog page and share it.  I played this last week with a group of about 25 independent living residents.We did not get through all of the slides due to time constraints..... but I was glad I did not run out of slides in my hour that I had their attention. I will be playing this with them again... and would love to have other slides t…

Play Music More Often

"Music is the soundtrack of your life," said Dick Clark. When you hear a song, if you are like me, it takes you back to that time in your life when you heard the song for the first time or to the occasion where you heard it. That is powerful. Can you imagine the music that our residents have heard in their lifetime? Just like the world in general, they have experienced so much and it is nice when we, as activities professionals, can take them back to the happier days, with the soundtracks from their lives.
So, the question I pose to you today is how do you find and present music to your residents? Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is by way of hired professional performers. That is a given in our jobs, so in this post, I'd like to focus on a few other ways that you can bring music to your residents that they will recognize and enjoy, along with theme music for your special events.

Pandora, Amazon, (search MP3 Download then search free songs) and YouTube are pla…

Brain Games

Recently we hosted our senior Olympics program. This year we added a new event called Brain Games. I found a really good link for brain games that you should look at to understand the definition.
After looking at that link and reading through some other online material, I realized that there is a difference between training your brain and brain games. Be mindful (pun intended) that you are not qualified to train resident's brains unless you have gone to training for it. We, as activities professionals however, are very capable of playing brain games with those who are interested in our communities.
Recently, I introduced Scattergories, Apples to Apples,Wii Jeopardy,Wii Wheel of Fortune and a Name that Tune type of game.  They are fun games that required your brain, so I thought that they were Brain Games. This last game, Name that Tune, I created on my own since I could not find anything that would have been appropriate for this generation to identify with. I downloaded music from t…