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Heaven on Earth Volunteer Party

What do you get for volunteers who are seniors that you want to thank for working in your retirement community each year? How do you thank them?

This year, I selected a gift that was small, but meaningful and I built my theme around it.  I bought an angel pin that says volunteer on it. They each came in their own individual box, and I wrapped them with white paper, with a silver ribbon on them. The gifts were laid on a bed of clouds on the gift table. I created the table by using Christmas lights and the same cotton that I use at Christmas for my snow scenes. It looked a bit "flat" so I added large glass vases with white candy in them to give the table a bit of height and clout.  In the dining room where we served the lunch and had the program, I used white balloons in clusters of three, throughout the room to make it feel like clouds.  On the tables, I bought white artificial flowers and created a bud vase with a silver halo coming out of each one. The music was..... harp music, of course. The look of having the harp in the room with us and the sound if it while the residents came in and ate was perfect. 

I asked the culinary department to make the menu to go along with the theme. They came up with chicken on rainbow pasta with mixed vegetables served chilled with a croissant. For dessert was angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream. It was alright.... not really very exciting and I know that it could have been better.

I found a few quotes that I used in my thank you speech on Quote Garden and I used this poem at the end of the speech that I also found on the internet: 

--Author Unknown

Many will be shocked to find,
When the day of judgment nears,
That there's a special place in Heaven,
Set aside for volunteers.
Satin couches and footstools,
Where there are no committee chairmen,
No yard sales or rest area coffee to serve,
No library duty or bulletin assembly,
There will be nothing to print or staple,
Not one thing to fold or mail,
Telephone lists will be outlawed.
But a finger snap will bring
Cool drinks and gourmet dinners
And rare treats fit for a king.
And work for all they're worth?"
Why, all those who reaped the benefits,
And not once volunteered on Earth.

Furnished with big recliners,
You ask, "Who'll serve these privileged

The residents really liked the poem and the afternoon.
ps. Take a minute to read another article re: volunteers

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