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Fashion Show Lunch

Residents as stars of the show, great food in a country club environment makes for a wonderful afternoon in my retirement community. Once a year, I host a fashion show in my auditorium. It is a "free" program to put together and the interest to attend is always high. Here is my action plan for success.

6 - 8 weeks ahead:
  • Contact a local boutique and ask if they will host a fashion show at your community.
    • Models provided by the store or by the community?
    • If they are to be residents, how many and what sizes?
    • Determine if  model's fittings will take place at the store in advance or in the community the day of the show.
    • Will resident models get any discount the day of the show?
    • What kind of microphone is best for the Master of Ceremonies providing the show?
    • Podium or lectern?
    • Sale of clothes after the show and the requirements for that?
    • Lunch before, during or after the style show?
    • When will the staff from the boutique arrive on show day?
    • When should the models arrive on show day?
  • Discuss the date, menu and cost with the Culinary department in your community
3 - 4 weeks ahead:
  • Add the style show to your monthly calendar
  • Consider set up time required and determine if any programs need to be moved or canceled
  • Promote the fashion show
  • Residents sign up for the activity
  • Select resident models based upon criteria of the store
  • Make or buy centerpieces for the tables
  • Determine and Reserve a dressing room area, if necessary
  • Discuss the set-up requirements with the department in charge (Maintenance/Security)
1 week ahead:
  • Contact resident models to confirm fitting appointment
  • Give Culinary a final count of those signed up including the models
2 Days Before the Show
  • Contact Models
    • See how fittings went, if done in advance
    • Remind them of arrival time for the day of the show
    • Remind them about the schedule for the show (when and  where do they eat?)
  • Update numbers with Culinary and Maintenance if necessary
Day of Fashion Show:
  • Arrange the dressing room area as requested by the store (include a place for models to hang clothes, and a chair to sit on, as well as a full length mirror for all to see on their way out)
  • Verify the room for the show is set up properly
  • Decorate the tables/room
  • Welcome guests and introduce the boutique representative hosting the show
  • Assist Culinary if necessary
  • Assist models in dressing room if necessary
This day is the most successful when I've selected models who are attractive on the inside and out and when they get fitted in advance. The residents attending the show like to have the food pre-plated and on the table when they walk into the event - and Culinary likes that too. I even have the dessert preset. Once the lunch plates are cleared, the fashion show starts. Make sure the models go close to as many tables as possible while showing off the clothing. Models eat after the show. Resident models do not pay for their lunch as my way of saying thank you for being in the show. Residents attending the show are billed for the food cost of the even and are given time to shop in the store that the boutique sets up after the show.

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