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Birthday Celebrations

So this was the day of the month that we celebrate the residents' birthdays for the month. We do this every 2nd Tuesday of the month. The program is simple, but I think, pretty affective. We have a "happy hour" before the residents go into the dining room. It features punch, two hot hor's oeuvres, a cheese and cracker platter, and a dip of some kind served in our lobby. This goes for about an hour. While they enjoy their refreshments, I give a corsage/boutonniere to those celebrating. (at my community, we put a list of those with birthdays into our monthly newsletter.... some do not want to be listed because they don't want the attention from it.... and they do not get a flower)

As the residents are taken into the dining room, those who have a flower, receive a birthday balloon. That balloon gets tied onto their chair in the dining room, so that it decorates the room and people passing the tables know right away who to wish a happy birthday to.   Once the residents are all inside, I welcome everyone, our Chaplain says a blessing, and we sing happy birthday.
The people who have a birthday person at their table, sing to them... (happy birthday dear Mary...happy bday to you).  The rest of us sing happy birthday, God bless you...happy birthday to you.  I then share a quick overview of the highlights that remain on the activities calendar, and introduce the show for the evening.

If residents don't come to the party, I have our Security department deliver their balloon and their flower to their apartment, with a note from the community's staff that says that we are sorry that they did not make it to the party and that we hope that they enjoy the flower/balloon and have a great birthday. I have use small colored bags or Chinese boxes to put the flower and note into for delivery.

This is also a night that the community tends to dress up. I think most people enjoy that also. Oh, and the meal is special also that evening.

So that is how we do it. How do you make it special at your community?

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