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Monthly Newsletters

Another month is almost gone. They come and go so quickly when you are an activities director . (and yes, I know, it is because I'm getting older too) When planning activities for the residents in my continuing care retirement community, sometimes it is hard for me to remember what month I'm in, let alone what day it is. But I do know when it is my deadline for my monthly newsletter! I thought that I'd share what is in my newsletter and the process that I use to create it. First, I am the editor of the newsletter. I oversee the content and the quality of the stories. Since our newsletter is used for marketing as well as for our residents, the content is very important. I try to use other communication tools to share operating news that is not "newsletter worthy." Articles in the newsletter are informative and interesting and usually share news about the two best features in our community (in my opinion) which are, our residents and our activities. So what'

Pets in Retirement Community

In our independent living section of our continuing care community , we allow our residents to move in with their pet. The policy is that once the pet is gone, that they do not replace it. (We really do not enforce it though.) We all know the value of residents and pets! This week I have been lucky enough to be able to take our newly found and adopted 5 week old kitten into work with me. The first day the staff met him and a few residents that I've shared my love of cats (and all animals) with. The next day, a few more residents met him.... and today, day three of keeping him under my desk in a box, a lot of residents met him! If you remember that commercial for the shampoo, that says, "and you tell two friends and they tell two friends, and they tell two friends," that is what happened. It was amazing to see the joy and surprise in their faces when they saw such a small living creature, I thought one lady was going to cry she was so moved. The residents want me to h