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Brain Games

Recently we hosted our senior Olympics program. This year we added a new event called Brain Games. I found a really good link for  brain games  that you should look at to understand the definition. After looking at that link and reading through some other online material, I realized that there is a difference between training your brain and brain games. Be mindful (pun intended) that you are not qualified to train resident's brains unless you have gone to training for it. We, as activities professionals however, are  very capable  of playing brain games with those who are interested in our communities. Recently, I introduced  Scattergories , A pples to Apples ,   Wii Jeopardy ,   Wii Wheel of Fortune  and a Name that Tune type of game.  They are fun games that required your brain, so I thought that they were Brain Games. This last game, Name that Tune, I created on my own since I could not find anything that would have been appropriate for this generation t