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Happy Holidays? YES!

Happy Holidays? Yes! Here are some quick pointers for inspiration during this hectic month: H ave a plan, but be willing to stray from it A djust your attitude. Take a deep breath, put on your best face and enjoy every day – even in December P ersonify your best Elf! Work efficiently, and ask for help when you need it P ut something new on your calendar this month…. And each month after that Y ou can get it all done and if you don’t, most of the time, no one but you knows the difference, so relax H onor your community’s traditions, but throw in a twist with either a new activity or decoration O rganize this year! When you pack away the decorations, toss what you can, label what you keep L ook for free special events to add to your calendar this season…. And each month after that I dentify local programs that residents enjoy attending and take them there D are to push the limit this year……for the holiday season and each month after that A