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Smart-Phone Helps With Activities Director Job

In the retirement community where I work, and probably in yours, there is a "no personal cell phone during work" policy. Lately, of course, I see more and more fellow managers carrying their phones around and bringing them to meetings. For me, as the Activities Director, I have found a few uses of my smart-phone that has helped me do my job better. Here is a quick list. Set a reminder so you will remember the weekly video(s) or other task that you need to set-up. Use the timer on the phone to go off when the video is over so you can be there as people leave and shut it off  (Great way to get their opinions about the show.) Use the timer to go off when you need to stop what you are doing (ie. working in your office) and go to the next task (ie. go to a meeting) Take photos of residents while they are with you on outings to promote your programs in the future. How cool would it be to have a file on your computer for outing pictures, so the next time you go to that loc