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Seniors Keep in Touch with Technology

Now more than ever, seniors do not have to be isolated from their loved ones when they move into a retirement community. As the activities director, I feel it is important to keep the residents in touch with the world around them through current events programs, college professors sharing their knowledge, etc. One of the other areas of interest is the World Wide Web, aka, the Internet. In my community, we have a wonderful computer club that was started by a resident. He trained more residents so that they could teach others, and the club has grown each year. They have guest speakers (some from our company's own Information Technology department), group meetings, and one-on-one tutoring.  It is a fact that baby boomers and those who came before them are more interested in technology then ever before. Many of them have IPads, IPhones , computers, tablets, e-readers, smartphones , etc. Here is a great article about gadget going grandparents that is right on the mark. I als