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A - Z Ideas

A = Activities Chart
       A Good Job
       Apples to Apples
B = Brain Games
       Breast Cancer Activities
       Breakfast at Tiffany's
       Burn Out or New Beginning?
C= Cat Gallery Brings Community Together
      Contemplate & Create
      Collection Show
      Cruise Around the World
D = Dance Lessons for Activities Directors
       Decorations: Peel and Stick
       Dinner Theater
       Dog Show
E =  Eye Month Activities
       E- Readers
F=  FaceBook for Seniors
      Fashion Show
      Fancy China Party
      Fitness  including a FISHING TOURN
      Flamingo Fun Fosters Future Festivities
      4 Pictures 1 Word Game
      Fun Extras
G= Gold Party
      Game Night
H= Happy Holidays? Yes!
      Hollywood Theme
      Havana Night Party
I = Ice Cream Social
      Invest in Volunteers for Big Dividends
J = Jazz Party
K = Know your Neighbor Activities
       Key Ingredients for a Successful Holiday Season
L =Loving My Job
      Love Thy Neighbor Party
      Library Programs for Seniors
      Lifelong Learning Lessons
      Lucky Charm Lunch
M = Marching into Fun
       Mentoring Lessons
       Play MUSIC More Often
N = Not So-Newlywed Game
       New Year's Eve Games
O = Opera Appreciation
P = Poker Walk
R = Rainbow Theme Party
       Resident Activity Committee
       Resident Run Programs
       Royal Garden Party
S = Safari Night
       Scared to Say Yes?
      Scam Education Made Easy
      Smart-phone Helps @ Work
      Speaking? Face Your Fears!
      Stadium Needs for Seniors
      Staff and Resident Social
      Summer Fitness
      Super Bowl Plans
T = Tailgate Party (Football)
       Tax Time Blues
       Teachers Luncheon
       Thanksgiving Gratitude
V = Volunteer Appreciation
       Volunteer MINT theme
       Invest in VOLUNTEERS for Big Dividends
       Veterans Day
W =  Water Classes
         Wii Bowling
         Wild West Night
         No Wine-ing (Wine Tasting)
         Winter in Paradise theme
Y = Yoga


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3 Styles of Scavenger Hunts

Boy is it hot outside! If you are like me you may still be looking for indoor activities that are fun for your residents to do. This activity that I will share with you can be done for different levels of care in your retirement community. I encourage you to share it with the other activity professionals that work in those other areas within your own community. The activity is the Scavenge Hunt. This can be done in three different ways and I will describe them below: 1)       The Stay Seated Scavenger Hunt v   Ask audience to bring in items they think will be asked for. Encourage them to fill their purses, pockets, bags, etc. and bring it to the event v   Make a list of items that they could bring with them v   Include items that would be funny, that might have a story to go with them, or that people would be surprised someone would actually have. (Green Stamps anyone?) v   See the list I used v   Cut the list into pieces and place them into a basket v   Ask

Super Bowl Party for Seniors

It is almost here! The 46th Super Bowl game will be held on Sunday, February 5 in Indinapolis. Each year, residents in my retirement community want to have a viewing party for the big game. I believe that it is a fun program to make an activity out of, but not something that I must do every year. Mostly, I don't have this each year because there are not to many ways to change it up, so I don't want to have it become boring. (This is where your ideas would be great to hear!!) This year, we are going to have a party and I'd like to share with you the plans for the evening. Residents are now signing up for the program which is set to start at 6:00 p.m.  This time is perfect in my community because we still serve dinner at noon on Sundays and the residents usually like to attend for the food, if for no other reason. (I do charge them a fee for the food.) We will have the game showing on our big screen tv in the auditorium and tables and chairs set up for the residents to eat

Not-So-Newlywed Game

One of the fun evenings in our community is when I host the Not-so-Newlywed Game. I’ve done this a few times and the residents really enjoy getting to know some of our couples better. It is not a program that I do every year. I like to mix it in to the calendar so that it stays fresh. I also have it based on when there are enough fun and interesting couples to participate. It is very important that those who are participating are quick witted, up-beat people, who the community knows and likes. The residents remember the real Newlywed Game with Bob Eubanks, so I make sure to speak to the couples independently and assure them that the questions will not be anything inappropriate. I explain to them that I do realize that unlike a cruise ship, that I know that they have to see the people in the audience for the rest of their lives and that I would not embarrass them. I find that having four or five couples is perfect in order to make the program move along and stay within the one