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Halloween Trunk Party

Halloween time! It is a time of costumes, children, candy, and CARS! Trunk or Treat events for Halloween have become more popular as safe places for children to Trick or Treat. In my area, it is done mostly through churches.These are my thoughts in a nutshell....
  • Invite residents to participate (decorate car their car, dress in costume if they want, and hand out candy)
  • Show residents ideas (see below websites) on decorating their cars
  • Plan an outing to stores that will provide opportunities to buy items necessary (candy & decorations)
  • Invite the local elementary schools 1st and 2nd grade classes.(This could be any organization you want to. Boys and Girls Clubs, Women in Distress, Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts, etc.)
  • Families attending must RSVP to me so we can control how many attend 
  • Families will receive a car pass for their car to enter our community
  • Resident's decorated cars will be spaced out in our parking lot
  • Halloween music will be playing in the parking lot
  • Time of event will be on October 31 from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm
  • Parking area for the guest families will be designated
  • Children will walk from car to car to get candy
  • Residents who participate will be served a "thank you" dinner at the conclusion of the event
  • Children will be asked to vote on their favorite car decoration.
  • Prize for the best decorated car
Things to think about:
  • Face painting
  • Carnival games with a Halloween-themed 
  • Costume contest
  • Refreshments
Some spook-tacular websites to find more inspiration:
By the time you are reading this, it will be to late to do this for this year. Take time now to make yourself a note on your August 2018 calendar to start working on this! You will be glad you planned ahead when you see it. By the way, if you community is non-profit like mine is, you will be able to write this up for your social accountability requirements. 


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