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Wild West Night

As the weather cools off, it is a great time of the year to get WILD! Yes, this could mean a lot of different things to a creative person such as yourself.... a wild safari party , a wild night in Havana party , or maybe a WILD WEST party ! The residents at my independent living retirement community love this theme. It is one of those that I can repeat every few years and they look forward to it being the same - GREAT! This is what we do at my community: Host the event outside. Usually by the pool where there is a large flat grass area right off of the sidewalks Rent a large tent for the residents to sit under to dine I found great balloon weights that I used on the tables for decorations. They were cowboy boots . Erect 3 sided booths that our maintenance department made for these occasions (they come apart for easy storage) Decorate the boots with western concepts....... the saloon, jail, post office, canteen, tack shop, etc. Make them personalized with your communiti

Flamingo Fun Fosters Future Festivities!

The f lamingo is a fun and interesting bird and one more reason to party!   Party you ask? Why not! It was about time that I hosted a dance in my retirement community and I usually create a theme for the dances in order to decorate and get the residents involved. Instead of doing the same old themes based around the holidays or seasons of the year, I created a Pink Flamingo Dance. I asked the residents to dress in pink and almost everyone did! Of course, there was a man or two who declared that he did not own anything pink, but that was fine. I even suggested that they could dress like a flamingo if they wanted, which no one did, but a few people did wear their shirts with flamingos on them.  I bought some great decorations through Amazon  such as an inflatable 4ft flamingo to take photos with and pink flamingo floating coasters  that I used as floats in our lobby's fountain. I put balloon weights and pink balloons in them for the reception that was held before din